[ednog] ednog overview

John Kristoff jtk at northwestern.edu
Fri Apr 1 14:01:56 EST 2005

The ednog mailing list was setup to help foster technical discussion
and coordination between educational network operators.  This list is
not specifically endorsed nor affiliated with any existing academic

While there are numerous technical lists aimed at the academic
community (e.g. various Internet2 working group lists, Educause
constituent groups and the UNISOG mailing list), none seemed to
be appropriate for general computer communications operations.
The nearest example of such an existing list might be NANOG, but
it is often inappropriate for specific academic community topics
and coordination (and NANOG of has a high noise to signal ratio,
which can be intimidating and thus lacks full academic community
participation).  Thus, ednog, with all it's yule-time reference,
has been formed.

This list is open to anyone who wishes to participate, but the
topics should remain focused on academic internetworking issues.
The list archives will be publicly available to subscribers and
non-subscribers alike.  By default, a subscriber list will not be
publicly available.  Questions or comments can be sent directly
to myself or to the generic list administrator address of:

  ednog-admin at puck.nether.net

The list information page is located at one of the following URLs:


Finally, thanks to Jared Mauch for agreeing to host this list.  For
other useful lists run on puck, visit one of the following pages:



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