[VoiceOps] Hackin attempts to Broadsoft voice portal

Ujjval Karihaloo ujjval at simplesignal.com
Sun Nov 8 13:48:38 EST 2009

Thx a lot Russell. We already have those measures in place, just want to see if we can do anything else about these hackers

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Hi Ujjval

I have had this problem also with malicious hackers attacking my voicemail boxes and making outbound calls to International destinations (Usually the Phillipines).

For the time being - I have disabled all outbound dialing through the Voice Portal. If my subscribers want a function such as this they can either use one of two things.

 1.  Remote Office
 2.  BroadWorks Anywhere.
Also increasing the password policies for Voice Portal/Voice Mail Passwords does help, No longer do I allow passwords which are shorter than 5 characters (As most attackers use the default 0000, 1234, 7890 password combinations).

I am in Canada and I haven't found anything I can do besides that.

On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 10:26, Ujjval Karihaloo <ujjval at simplesignal.com<mailto:ujjval at simplesignal.com>> wrote:
Lot of failed attempts from 1 particular number.... 15096346223.

Seems to be scanning thru voice mail boxes serially attempting passwds & locking them out.

Last time v saw this i tracked this to be a magic jack number, i called back & a person answered & said that he can fix my voice mail for me if i gave him my password. I emailed magicjack support & they never responded.

Is there anything we can do to bring these malicious hackers to justice? Any one has experience un this area legally given that these hackers are mostly outside the US.

Ujjval Karihaloo
VP Voice Engineering
SimpleSignal Inc.
IP Phone: +13032428610
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