[VoiceOps] Mobile vs. Landline Lookup

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Hello Ivan,


NeuStar offers two databases that will provide the answer you need.  The first one is the SIP-IX product which is the North American number portability database which can be queried on a call by call basis or downloaded in bulk.  This database include a data field which indicates the whether the called number is wireless or wireline.  


The number portability database includes all ported numbers and probably over 50% of non-ported numbers.  So you will still need a database that covers all un-ported number and includes a data filed indicating if the number is wireless or wireline.  The second NeuStar database you will need is the CC1 database which can be downloaded on a daily basis.


So to get a 100% solution you would first query the North American number portability database (NPAC) to determine if the destination is wireless or wireline.  If you do not get a answer, the second step would be to query the CC1 database.


As you noted you could create the same solution by querying the NPAC first and then a Telcordia database such as the LERG or NNACL.   As an alternative you could also try http://www.telcodata.us/ which offers basically the same information found in the LERG.  In addition to NeuStar and Telcordia, you can also subscribe to NPAC data from TNSI and Syniverse.  So if you dig around you will find you have a few options. 


Jim Dalton



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Hi Alex,


Thanks for your reply. Obviously my initial post lacked clarity, so let me try to fix that. 


The client is looking for a way to determine whether a phone number is mobile or landline. What is best way to determine that? 


Are Telcordia DBs the only game in town or are there easier, cheaper, better solutions? Is the method different for Canadian and US numbers? 


Thanks again for your reply and sorry about the lack of clarity in the initial post. 


Best Regards,






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LNP dips work the same way for fixed and wireless.


This message was painstakingly thumbed out on my mobile, so apologies for brevity, errors, and general sloppiness.


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Does anyone have any experience doing mobile vs. landline lookups for US and Canada? What would be the best way to do this? 


A client has asked us whether this can be done and to be frank, I am not sure how we would go about it with LNP implemented in both countries. So we are looking for some pointers… Any help is appreciated. 


Thanks in advance,



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