[VoiceOps] Key System Using Polycom VVX

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Yep that was a sip-b call flow.

sip-b (sip for business) was a series of call flows sylantro had 
authored into an open standard to bridge the feature gap between sip and 
key system / mgcp systems. It sort-of worked but never got industry 
adoption. Pretty much useless now unless you happen to be doing hosted 
PBX on a Synergy platform which i doubt many people are (we still have a 
small number of legacy customers on our synergy platform).


On 8/18/2014 4:55 PM, Eric Wieling wrote:
> I get the impression from the thread below that Polycom has something 
> special with "BroadSoft® Synergy (used to be Sylantro)".  Stumbled 
> across it a couple of years ago when I was trying to make Asterisk set 
> the Polycom CF and DND screen indications.   If they have done special 
> support for CF and DND on Sylantro platform, maybe they have done 
> something similar for key system types of features on that platform.
> http://community.polycom.com/t5/VoIP/ServerMissedCall/td-p/1334
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> Can anyone recommend an onsite IP PBX that fully supports the Polycom 
> VVX series of phones? When I say support I mean auto configure, do 
> firmware updates, etc...I know most all IP PBX's will at least be able 
> to use the VVX as a SIP extension.
> The clients wants to emulate a key system. The IP PBX should support 
> SIP trunks of course for connection to the PSTN. The client also wants 
> the ability to use a local MoH source, paging, and other common key 
> system features that hosted systems don't do very well.
> I was thinking switchvox, but they don't have phone feature packs for 
> the VVX line only the older phones.
> Adtran has the 7060, but according to the latest release notes:
> ADTRAN branded VVX phones (model names ADTRAN VVX 300, ADTRAN VVX 310, 
> VVX 400, ADTRAN VVX 410, ADTRAN VVX 500, and ADTRAN VVX 600) work with 
> NetVanta
> 7000 series AOS release version R10.8.0 and beyond without requiring 
> an additional license key purchase.
> The equivalent Polycom branded phones will not work with release 
> R10.8.0. If you are currently using the
> equivalent Polycom branded phones with the NetVanta 7000 series, you 
> will need to either remain on a
> pre-R10.8 release version or use the ADTRAN branded version of the VVX 
> phones until a licensing
> mechanism can be added to allow the use of Polycom branded VVX models.
> Looks like that won't be a good option since the client already has 
> regular Polycom VVX phones not the ones with Adtran's badge on them.
> Any recommendations?
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