[VoiceOps] Key System Using Polycom VVX

Colton Conor colton.conor at gmail.com
Mon Aug 18 22:35:23 EDT 2014

The client is small only 20 seats. We sold them a hosted broadsoft service
with fancy VVX 500 phones, only to find they want to use it as a key
system. We have setup the VVX 500's all with SCA's on each and every phone,
but the amount of registrations (12 SCA's per phone times 20 phones) is
quite excessive.

We have tried to get the client to come around to the idea of not using a
key system, but they just are too old school to change.

So which of the options mentioned would have the best key system

On Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 9:11 PM, Mark R Lindsey <lindsey at e-c-group.com>

> Colton the OP used the term "fully supports Polycom VVX series of phones".
> Others  have mentioned SCA. To me, fully supporting the modern Polycom
> phones means:
> -- Shared Call Appearance
> -- Busy Lamp Field (presence monitoring)
> -- DND synchronization (so the call server and phone agree)
> -- Call Forwarding synchronization
> -- Agent signin/signout for ACD
> -- N-Way Conferencing (ad-hoc conferencing managed on the phone but mixed
> on elsewhere)
> -- Call recording (activated on the phone but recorded on a server
> elsewhere)
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> On Aug 18, 2014, at 18:11 , Adam Vocks <Adam.Vocks at cticomputers.com>
> wrote:
> Switchvox 5.8.5 supports VVX phones.
> http://www.digium.com/en/products/switchvox/support/switchvox-smb-585-release-notes
> We have a 150 user installation of switchvox 5.8.5 and vvx-410 phones.
> Adam
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> Can anyone recommend an onsite IP PBX that fully supports the Polycom VVX
> series of phones? When I say support I mean auto configure, do firmware
> updates, etc...I know most all IP PBX's will at least be able to use the
> VVX as a SIP extension.
> The clients wants to emulate a key system. The IP PBX should support SIP
> trunks of course for connection to the PSTN. The client also wants the
> ability to use a local MoH source, paging, and other common key system
> features that hosted systems don't do very well.
> I was thinking switchvox, but they don't have phone feature packs for the
> VVX line only the older phones.
> Adtran has the 7060, but according to the latest release notes:
> ADTRAN branded VVX phones (model names ADTRAN VVX 300, ADTRAN VVX 310,
> VVX 400, ADTRAN VVX 410, ADTRAN VVX 500, and ADTRAN VVX 600) work with
> NetVanta
> 7000 series AOS release version R10.8.0 and beyond without requiring an
> additional license key purchase.
> The equivalent Polycom branded phones will not work with release R10.8..0.
> If you are currently using the
> equivalent Polycom branded phones with the NetVanta 7000 series, you will
> need to either remain on a
> pre-R10.8 release version or use the ADTRAN branded version of the VVX
> phones until a licensing
> mechanism can be added to allow the use of Polycom branded VVX models.
> Looks like that won't be a good option since the client already has
> regular Polycom VVX phones not the ones with Adtran's badge on them.
> Any recommendations?
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