[VoiceOps] Broadsoft MoH

Peter Rad. peter at 4isps.com
Thu Aug 21 17:45:29 EDT 2014

On 8/21/2014 5:10 PM, Colton Conor wrote:
> Yes, however this solution and API would also require direct access to 
> the Broadsoft which we don't have.

There is a lot of energy in this thread complaining about what you don't 
have - which is easy to do.

Look at what you DO have:

You saved $1 million capital expenditure by going white-label
PLUS the payroll expense of at least 1 VoIP Engineer who can run the 
PLUS you don't have to manage it or keep it running, the WL folks do.

You gave up some control.  You don't have every fancy new feature. But 
you have 400 features to work with on a very stable platform that scales.

Yes, customers like MOH (and some other features). There are external 
solutions for that and paging.  Whining is not going to get BSFT to 
change anything unless you are the Product Manager at Verizon or 
Comcast. If it did, the Cloud Comm Alliance would be ecstatic.

One issue is that not all premise solutions can be ported to the cloud.  
But that is kind of the point, right?

Cloud forces changes in business behavior to make the business more 
efficient, flexible, remote, etc.

But primarily cloud is sold as a replacement for the current (usually 
premise based) solution. That is setting yourself up for failure.

Yes, it is difficult to get 20+ year employees to switch gears, but 
guess what? They are doing it anyway because Polycom phones don't look a 
thing like their previous phone.

If you trained them in doing things through the portal or app or how the 
new behavior is different but presents an opportunity to do something 
new or better, you would lower churn and have a raving fan.  Instead it 
is all about how the softswitch (doesn't matter which brand) won't do 
exactly what the Switchvox or key system used to do.

Win8 is different in many ways from Win7.
Cars didn't always come with seatbelts.
There is more computing power and memory in my smartphone than there was 
in the IBM 3033 that I used in college.
Things change.

Help your customers by managing not just their technology, but their 

Not everyone is a good fit for hosted PBX. Some people will be happier 
with a box and a SIP trunk.




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