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Colton Conor colton.conor at gmail.com
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Does the external music on hold device have to be added in a special way to
Broadsoft? I heard it has to have a public static IP and can't be a
registered device. Once its added is it as simple as selecting the device
in the external music on hold list as shown?

Our wholesaler doesn't expose the external device option in their portal
for music on hold, so they would have to add this. I am just wondering if
the add the device process is the same as adding a phone device to

On Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 11:09 PM, Jay Hennigan <jay at west.net> wrote:

> On 8/21/14, 2:13 PM, Colton Conor wrote:
> > Basically I am looking for an ATA that has a line in port, and supported
> > by auto prov by Broadsoft DMS. If this ATA could also have a music
> > server built in where you could upload files and it could stream that
> > back to the Broadsoft that would be ideal. Seems like the Warp Plus will
> > do the line in stream back to the Broadsoft, but then doesn't have the
> > ability to upload songs and stream them back. Maybe the ATA I am asking
> > for doesn't exist?
> You can use any old Sipura/Linksys ATA as an MOH source for Broadsoft.
> Add a resistor and a capacitor to isolate the RJ11 voltage from the
> source device.  I know of a person in the aircraft business who plays
> the local ATIS (weather, wind, altimeter, etc.) as his MOH live from a
> radio.
> Asterisk scales better if you have multiple customers than dozens of
> ATAs and iPods, each with its own wall-wart.
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