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Though we had a rough time a few months back when they were under DDoS, and were nearly forced to jump ship as a result (see some of my own posts to this group earlier this year), VoIP Innovations has proven to be rock-solid ever since...it really seems like they managed to lick the problem, and in the process added a bunch of new protections and redundancy that *knock on wood* has made a huge difference.  Although I have a couple of minor quibbles about some of their procedures, their ports department has always been responsive, and I have to say that I really appreciated how they went out of their way to make time and reach out to provide us with updates in the middle of the crisis; this was true with how they handled their customers broadly, but even more appreciated was the specific one-on-one communication and attention we got, even though we are a small fish.

-- Nathan

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We have been using Vitelity in the last two years, a few months after they were acquired by Onvoy.

In the last months we see a deterioration in the quality of their service. Port requests we submit take weeks to complete, when we ask for an update they try to sell us the expedited service for $75!!

It also seems that they have a big problem with staff as we see a big turnover with the people we deal with.

Their portal may have been the state of the art years ago, now it feels like it is from the middle ages.

Looks like Onvoy is busy spending money on acquisitions, but would not let them provide good customer service.

Would be happy to hear if you can recommend any alternatives.

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