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Comcast to be punished

Friday, July 25th, 2008

So, the long wait is coming to a close.  It is expected that next Friday there will be a ruling from the FCC that comcasts actions with regard to blocking file sharing software is outside of the scope of regular network managment tasks.  This will be interesting as we may see an increase in the peer to peer traffic on networks as the DPI p2p mitigation devices get removed from a variety of networks.  It may also mean the death of a few vendors or at least consolidation in the industry.  Article link can be found here.

Apple TV Hatred

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

So, our Apple TV started having some problems, would be laggy when playing video across the network (we have the “Smart” sync enabled).  So I decided to do a Factory Restore since I did not hear the sound of the drive clicking or anything else that would indiciate a hardware failure.

After that, it restored with the 1.1 software, not the 2.0.2 software.  So we needed to do a ~20 minute download to get that back in sync, following some major hatred with the device off-and-on over the next 24 hours trying to get the TV shows to sync again.  Turns out amongst the other problems, the Apple TV thought it was in Canada as well as I needed to reauthorize the iMac it syncs with with ITMS.  It didn’t count against our block of authorized comptuers (we have several, including two macbooks – the 14″ dual usb type, two intel iMacs and one MacBook Pro).

I’m utterly frustrated that the factory restore did not do the 2.0.2 software and the upgrade did not propogate a new factory install/reset ala TiVo.  Lets see what happens and if the device wishes to actually die in the next few weeks.  It would make me very sad since we stopped paying for satellite service a few months ago to save on costs, and instead shifted that expenditure to ITMS money.