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FTTH Parts List

Friday, December 29th, 2017

So you want to build yourself some FTTH?

Many people seem to be working on this and have requested some required equipment and parts to be posted/shared

Here’s a quick list of items you will need:

Fusion Splicer – Cost around $1200
Jonard Fiber Optic Strippers (These are better than the ones that come in the Signal Fire Fusion Splicer kit – Cost around $21
Scisors for Cutting the Kevlar in patch cords – $12
Kimtech Wipes to clean and prepare fiber – $6 or so
Light Meter to check your fiber – $30
Visual Fault Locator & FC-LC Connector – $29
Pigtails for your fiber – $1 per connector
Splice Enclosures – Varying types

Drop Cable – varying types
Graybar – Single strand tone capable drop cable
Baltic Networks – 2 strand cable

If you are doing underground work, you want something like the RD4000 locate wand and transmitter. These can be had on eBay for varying prices used.

You also will want to get something like the FlexScan FS200 OTDR so you can find cable faults.

Few other pro-tips:
You can also cut patch cords, these can be cheaper per connector than pigtails.