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Super Delegates to follow the will of the voters

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Bloomberg is reporting that the super delegates at stake for the Democratic nomination will actually be swayed more by the popular vote than backroom deals. This combined with a growing anti-incumbent feeling that may be growing, we may be in for a significantly different Washington DC after the November election. It just could be this is a turning-point in our country that will drive us to record voter turnout and community participation. With Clinton and Obama calling for community service by young people to help offset the cost of attending that College/University, perhaps we will see a more-engaged society as a whole.

McCain In, Obama on a roll

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

McCain keeps rolling towards the nomination with a critical win last night in Virginia. Obama keeps rolling down the path to success starting with important wins last night in Maryland, Virginia and DC.  While this is not surprising that he won, the underlying demographic data that showed up in the exit polls is.  He’s starting to win in what are traditionally Clinton’s core supporters.  Those that are over 65, make less than $5ok/year and women.  Turnout is also astounding for a primary election.  It seems the game is as strong as ever.  States that were worried they wouldn’t matter and didn’t make the jump to “Super Tuesday” are now seeing visits from their candidates.  Wisconsin, Ohio and Texas are the next battleground states.  Clinton appears to be facing quite a number of challenges moving forward with the potential erosion of her base of support, campaign reshuffling and looking like she’s attempting to compete for Wisconsin delegates again after all the media reports that they were going to focus on delegate rich Ohio and Texas.  Time keeps on rolling and the next contests aren’t until the 19th.  It’s going to be a long wait until next week for those of us that are becoming the campaign-watching junkies.

Super results?

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

With Super Tuesday now over, the race continues to move on.  The Democrats continue their nominating race neck-and-neck as McCain seems to have the nomination as his to lose.  Given that, I’d like to focus briefly on the Clinton vs Obama race.  While there’s a lot of other cogent analysis that is done, I don’t expect anyone to find this interesting but perhaps you may.  (more…)

NSA to take over Federal network intrusion work

Saturday, January 26th, 2008

The Washington Post is reporting today (on page A3 sadly) on HSPD-23. This is apparently classified (so leaked by someone) and reflects the role that the intelligence community will play in watching the overall federal threat. While it’s good to have smart people working on these things (the Intelligence community has some of the brightest people working on analysis), there’s a lot of industry or trade secrets that are held in the private sector that are as important or more important to protect. We’ll see if there is room for partnership with the private sector or if all the work done will be classified.

The race is on (But won’t be over soon)

Friday, January 25th, 2008

The 2008 election race continues the preparations to super-tuesday but there may be no clear picture after those races. The Associated press has done analysis and determined that neither the Republican side nor the Democratic side will be able to eliminate the major candidates.

Bloomberg getting closer to a run

Saturday, January 19th, 2008

If Hillary continues to win on the (D) side and the (R) side has no compelling winner after Feb 5, expect Bloomberg to jump into the race.  Within the past week there’s bee numerous stories from him talking to ballot experts that assisted Ross Perot to him criticizing Washington(DC) as a whole on a range of issues from infrastructure to pork barrel projects. Expect this year to be quite an exciting one for politics as it’s the first totally open race on each side without a sitting VP running for office. Don’t expect Bloomberg to enter the race if there is someone compelling in the running like Obama is currently. He’s attracted a lot of attention and certainly has the under-30 crowd won over. This is the same crowd that usually doesn’t get around to vote come election day. Perhaps some of those new media companies like Facebook/MySpace will offer free SMS reminders to vote every hour until you mark a “I Voted” or similar on their profile or respond to the SMS. I’m expecting [predicting] record turnout this year among the under-30 crowd.

DHS HSIN likely to disappear

Friday, January 18th, 2008

The Washington Post notes today that DHS HSIN is likely to go away. Apparently the users do matter and the system will be replaced. What impact this will have on information sharing within the government and the public-private partnership model presented by HSPD-7 is still to be seen.

FCC Checking-up on Comcast

Thursday, January 17th, 2008

The FCC has started a comment period and investigation into the interference with network traffic that Comcast is doing on their network.  The Associated Press did an excellent piece of reporting last fall (2007) on the impacts this would have, and others reported of the impact it has on their corporate Lotus-Notes systems.  If you’ve been impacted by this it would be wise to file a complaint or comments. At the same time, there have been leaked memos from Time Warner Cable indicating they will be testing bandwidth caps on users later this year.  They claim that 5% of their subscriber base contributes to 50% of their overall network traffic.  If you follow commodity bandwidth pricing, the 25/25 FIOS service offerings for around $100/mo are certainly a lossy item unless their internal costs are under $4/Mb. 

Administration starts transition planning with cybersecurity

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Now there are transition plans starting with a Cybersecurity commission that is going to make recommendations on how to better secure our systems and what should be done.  I’d like to see systems like einstein be mandatory across the entire public (federal) networks.  It would be an immense value for those in government to determine what is being missed.

Senate likely to hold hearings on Comcast network interference

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

After the AP released a report last weekend about the way comcast interferes with p2p networks now some senators want a probe. Perhaps a number of these companies that make p2p blocking hardware/software will go out of business.